The Real Estate Buyer’s Network is the Premium Service provided by our team at This is an exclusive group of real estate investors who are ready to do the legwork to find leads that will turn into profit making deals. This group has exclusive access to the senior investors at REIBN to be able to communicate routinely with questions on process and procedures as well as specific deals. The Member in the Buyer’s Network will follow our tips and tricks to market for seller leads and hand them over to our expert team. We will follow up on the lead by:

  1. Making first contact using our Virtual Assistants to prescreen for deal viability. We look for Terms deals as well as wholesale or renovation projects.
  2. Our professional Acquisitionists make the second contact to start negotiation for a terms deal. If the terms deal won’t work for either the seller or us, we explore other ways we can buy the property and make a fair profit.
  3. If there is a deal that works for both the seller and us, we schedule an appointment to see the property and sign paperwork to tie it up.
  4. We immediately start the title search process and begin marketing for our exit strategy, which could be a lease/option to a tenant/buyer, a renovation and traditional sale, or a wholesale.
  5. Our purchase will typically be done in a Trust and you will be a part owner in the Trust. Any initial non-refundable option deposits from tenant buyers will be shared with you. Monthly net profits will be shared, and any back-end net capital gains will be shares with you. You are a partner in the deal and will share in all proceeds that come from the deal.

So, all you need to do is bring the leads to us and we do all the rest. We will keep you in-the-loop on all conversations with the sellers and buyers so you can learn how it all works. You will get copies of all completed documents for your files and future reference. You will also receive regular accounting reports for each asset.

For our first two properties teaming with you, the split will be 75% REIBN’s and 25% yours. After the first two properties, the split will be 50/50. All properties are placed into a property-specific Trust with your entity and our entity as beneficiaries. The other parties in the Trust (ie, Trustor and Trustee) are members of our professional team.

You can keep teaming with us or go on your own at any time. There is no long term contract. As a matter of fact, for any deals that you do completely on your own, you will be 100% owner. It would make sense for you take advantage of the services we offer and team with us for at least 2 or 3 deals. Then, after you learn the complete process and understand all of the agreements and related paperwork, you might decide to go it alone. Either way, we are here to help you start and grow your successful real estate investing business.